Lucile Martin Jewelry

The Petite Lace Link Necklace, 18k Gold & Oxidized Silver


Named for it's almost fabric-like feel. The Lace Link chain is delicate, soft and flowing like the most special handmade lace. Every link is hand forged and fabricated using the most traditional metalsmithing techniques with hammer, anvil and torch. Tools and methods to create identical links are avoided, instead, Lucile opts for a more organic, fabricated approach. The mark of the hand is exploited. This expresses the most personal and distinctive attitude. It can only become your own.

Imagine it around your neck!

* 18k Gold and Oxidized Silver hand fabricated chain.

* 18k Gold, hand fabricated chain.
* Please choose the length from the dropdown menu. Keep in mind that the necklace can be adjusted by clasping within the chain links. Any length is available. Please contact Lucile to request your perfect length.
* A secure spring clasp will be used. If you prefer a different style clasp, please leave a note at checkout. 
Alternative clasp options: Hand fabricated hook or hand fabricated toggle clasp.


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