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Process and Materials

Traditional, time honored techniques mingle with unique, unconventional methods to create the jewelry. Each piece is individually hand fabricated using 18k. and 14k. Gold. and a combination of Sterling and Fine Silver. Fine Silver is a favorite among many jewelry artists. While the cost of Fine Silver (also known as Pure Silver) is slightly higher than Sterling, it is softer, and allows the metal to be sculpted into delicate, fluid shapes. It is also a pleasure to clean in comparison to Sterling Silver as it does not have the same copper content.

Precious and Semi-Precious natural Gemstones and Pearls are often used to embellish the pieces.

For Lucile, every stone is unique. The natural imperfections are celebrated as part of a stones unique charm and personality. The stones and pearls are hand tied and often woven into the sculptural pieces using a fine metal thread. Much effort is made to allow the character of a stone to glow. Lucile loves to see them moving freely…or set in a way so that they do not appear to be still. This unique technique and process was developed by Lucile Martin in 1992 and is unmatched.

Great care is used to select the perfect little gem for each design.

It is this attention to detail that Lucile is known for.

*Please keep in mind that each piece will be put into production and created for you after your order is placed. Expect subtle variations from the picture shown.

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Special requests and customization

At Lucile Martin your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

Sometimes small technical changes can make a difference in how you will enjoy your pieces.

Stone color options are endless!

Almost every design within each collection is transferable in terms of any detail. We want to know your preferences. The color stone, the style of the clasp (lobster claw, hook and eye, etc.) the style of an earring (French hook, hinged lever back, hoop, post, etc.) the length of a necklace, the style of a chain, even the material (silver or gold) can be tailored for you.

Your ideas for more involved alterations are always invited and changes to the cost will be discussed. Please let us know your thoughts.

Email us or simply give us a call.

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Caring for your jewelry

Clean your jewelry with gemstones and pearls by soaking the pieces, for just a few minutes, in a glass of warm water with a drop or two of non-detergent soap such as Ivory or Dr. Bronner’s to help remove any oils and to loosen buildup. Use a soft toothbrush to help clean the more intricate pieces. Do not allow your jewelry to soak for a long time. Rinse it well under running water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. A special jewelers polishing cloth may be used to restore shine, however, it is recommended that you wash the pieces directly after polishing to remove debris that can be left by the cloth.

Please do not hesitate to send your jewelry back to Lucile Martin for cleaning and inspection anytime.

There is never a charge to freshen up your pieces!

Lucile Martin Jewelry is meant to be admired, enjoyed and worn often…please do so with care.

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Every piece of Lucile Martin jewelry is carefully created by hand, taking into consideration any specific requests for design and/or color customizations. The process of creating your jewelry will begin at the time your order is received. Allow approximately 2-4 weeks to receive your new pieces.

Please do not hesitate to request a different window of time for production. If you need the jewelry to arrive sooner we will do everything possible to accommodate a speedy delivery.

There is never a charge for regular ground shipping. If you prefer expedited shipping please let us know, additional costs will be applied.

Every order will be beautifully packaged free of charge and will include a collectable, handmade jewelry fold or pouch for storing your new treasures…a customer favorite!


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Guarantee and Warranty

Lucile Martin Jewelry is guaranteed to have been made with great patience and care. Please contact us regarding any issues that may arise. Minor repairs are gladly done, free of charge, for the lifetime of your piece. We want to make sure your jewelry is enjoyed for many years to come!

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Lucile Martin Jewelry is made to order. While there are no refunds, jewelry may be returned within 14 days of receipt, in its original condition, FOR EXCHANGE OR FULL CREDIT ONLY. Your credit will never expire.

No exchange or returns on custom orders or sale items.

When returning items you are responsible for shipping costs and insurance.

Please contact Lucile Martin Jewelry prior to return shipping.

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