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Endlessly fascinated by how the smallest details in life can make such positive impressions.

Since 1992 Lucile has been a self taught studio jeweler.

It's been a lifetime of designing precious miniature objects intended to spark joy. Jewelry can offer a personal ray of light and energy that is unique and transformative to each wearer. It's the unspoken language of "happy"!

The process of making the jewelry is woven into each day. Lucile works from her home studio located in a renovated barn in the countryside of MD surrounded by family and farmland.

The design process never pauses. Lucile is compelled by each client to come up with the next design. Inspiration is constant, and can be found in any moment. The delicate nuances found all around us in everyday life which often go unnoticed are reflected in the tiny details of Lucile Martin Jewelry. 

Lucile's designs evoke a lighthearted approach to the serious business of feeling happy, content, and confident! There is magic and mystery in how a small, simple object can be a catalyst. This important effect is honored by using the finest quality materials in metal and gemstones, and by staying true to basic hand made practices to create each, individual piece. The client is ever present during the making process and Lucile is ever grateful to be included in such a connection.