Shopping Bag 0

You found my Backroom!

**UPDATE: The pieces here have sold so fast! (THANKYOU!) I will be restocking soon and will let you know via FB & IG.

These pieces have been removed from the mix.

They are all discounted & available for IMMEDIATE, FREE shipping.


Maybe the design was fazed out. Could be I do not show that color gemstone anymore. Whatever the reason, these beauties will not be shown within my currant collection, but, they should no longer be tucked off to the side in the backroom of my studio. 

These are carefully, lovingly made, pieces of jewelry I hope you will enjoy!

I'll be adding new pieces as I uncover them, so check back often ;)

P.S. I will be using FB & IG to share when new pieces are added. Click the links to like and follow along to be among the first to know!

                                                                                         Happy shopping!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lucile