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The Floating Mixed Gemstone Necklace - Ethereal Mix


This is bound to be one of the most versatile, beautiful, feminine & comfortable necklaces you will ever own. Each stone is meticulously hand strung and knotted on the strongest silk. The organic stone pattern using different shapes and sizes is anything but average. Worn alone or layered with others, it will make the perfect statement.

...AND this combination of gemstones is something to love:

* Moonstone: Thought to sooth stress and provide calm, known to be the "stone for new beginnings". It is soft and milky and then can glow with iridescent flashes of color.

* White Topaz: Considered a symbol of love and affection, these stones are micro faceted and sparkle in any light.

* Clear Quartz Crystal: Amplifies any energy or intention, known as the stone of power, they are like ice.

* Pearl: The oldest known gem, a symbol of purity and innocence..."Teardrops of the moon"

* IMPORTANT*  Please choose the length from the drop down menu. The price will reflect accordingly.

-16"- 20" lengths are finished with a hand fabricated, decorative hook and eye clasp.

-24"- 42" lengths are finished without a clasp and can be slipped right over the head...we LOVE this!

-The longer lengths ( 32', 38" & 42") will include separately, a small, removable clasp which can be used when worn doubled, or to shorten, to wear at different lengths.

* The mannequin is showing the lengths at 18" & 24"

** Enter coupon code LABORDAY40 at checkout & receive 40% OFF! Labor Day weekend only. Sale ends Monday, 9/4/17

** 5% of your sale order, 9/1-4, 2017 will be donated to provide relief and aid to victims of tropical storm Harvey in South Texas and Louisiana. THANK YOU!


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