Lucile Martin Jewelry

Rainbow fringe drop earring- Silver



Say hello to my new favorite earring. I am in LOVE with how this earring design looks and feels. It has a kinetic energy and almost seems to dance with every movement. It is like the softest fringe and will literally blow with the wind. It is weightless. I don't notice it on my ears ( will come with lots of tiny plastic security backs so you do not have to worry). It is not overly dramatic for the grocery store and yoga clothes, yet definitely feels extra special...but with no ego. It's perfect for me...I hope for you too!

* Tiny, micro faceted gemstones of Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst & Blue Topaz are suspended on a hand fabricated setting done in Sterling Silver.

* Approx. 1.5", total length. 

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