Lucile Martin Jewelry

Pearl Sea Spray Bracelet, 18k Gold


Luminous natural Pearls...gentle, frothy whites. Effervescent loveliness.

These shining, white gems, formed under water instead of on land, are precious reminders of the magic of our natural world.

Pearls are known to symbolize love, balance and wonder they effortlessly steal our interest!

High Karat Gold and Pearl...a style match made in heaven...and these delicate designs...lighthearted elegance...timeless and versatile...layer with everything or wear alone...wear everyday.

We LOVE how these little gems make such a big impact! It's a happy thing. Imagine this around your wrist!

* 18k Gold, hand fabricated chain links with a secure lobster claw clasp.

* Length, 7.5" Any length is available. Contact me here.

* The lobster claw clasp is usually preferred for bracelets, however, If you would like another style clasp, please let me know. The hand fabricated hook is great for those who like the easier function. There will be a spot at checkout for you to leave a note. I will make the switch!

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