Lucile Martin Jewelry

Dancing Keshi Pearl Necklace

$290 $440

* Only one available. 

"Life is like a precious Pearl"

- Lailah Gifty Akita

I LOVE this sentiment! In these designs a little Moonstone is sprinkled in with the Pearls. 

* Keshi Pearls. Rare and luxurious. They are believed to attract good fortune and protection as well as symbolize the generosity, integrity and loyalty of the wearer. Notice the natural blush color mixed in with the white.

* Opalescent Moonstone. A natural crystal mineral with the energy of the Moon. This stone is also said to promote healing, sooth stress and enhance intuition.

Wear this piece like a Talisman.

Soft, fluid, elegant, unpretentious. There is a lighthearted quality that we love to find in any piece of jewelry. It is 'feel good' style, and is one of the most important design goals for Lucile Martin Jewelry. 


* Oxidized Sterling Silver >>this will never need polishing!

* Hand fabricated hook clasp

* 24", Adjustable

* Only one available

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