Lucile Martin Jewelry

Bouquet Drops! Gold



If you LOVE pretty, this earring is for you!

Delicate, fluttery, soft & a little bouquet of flowers...only in gorgeous gemstone colors to last a lifetime. A handful of flowers always brings on a smile. These earrings will do the same trick.

Micro faceted gemstones have been composed to fall from hand fabricated hooks in the shape of petals. They move in an organic, whimsical and elegant way, inspired by the explosive Springtime color here in the MD countryside, its so exciting. There is optimism everywhere! These pieces have been designed to reflect just that.

This is "feel good" jewelry. Get ready for the compliments!

* 18k Gold. The warm, rich color adds a sophisticated personality to this lighthearted design.

* Tourmaline, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, Pearl and Blue Topaz

* Just under 2" in total length.

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