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"Life is like a precious Pearl"

I LOVE this sentiment! 

* Keshi Pearls. Rare and luxurious. They are believed to attract good fortune and protection as well as symbolize the generosity, integrity and loyalty of the wearer.

The Pearls in this collection are the natural color. Each piece is unique and can show a range from white to the softest shades of pink, lavender and peach. They really are very special, the surface lustre, outstanding.

This is a long earring. At about 3", it has a sweeping, airy, flower child attitude. The double teardrop shape, always turning and dancing. It's comfortable and weightless...carefree. Add a little drama while keeping it delicate!

Soft, fluid, elegant, unpretentious. There is a lighthearted quality that we love to find in any piece of jewelry. It is 'feel good' style, and is one of the most important design goals for Lucile Martin Jewelry. 


* Sterling Silver

* Hand fabricated hook ear wire. If you prefer the hinged, lever back style for the ear wire, there will be a place at checkout for you to leave a note. The switch will be made!

* Approx. 3" total length

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