Lucile Martin Jewelry

Calming Emerald Dream


Lovey Emerald. The name is taken from the Sanskrit word “Marakata”, the green of growing things. It is the stone of growth, love and the power of rebirth. It’s earthy, leafy color promises to feel equally stimulating and calming. The Emerald, throughout history has been revered for its healing properties. 
Imagine this around your neck.
Wear it like a trusted talisman to carry with you all the best! 

Natural, faceted Emerald gemstones, connected forever with 18k Gold. A gorgeous and luminous natural Keshi Pearl is suspended by the hand fabricated toggle clasp. 

* While there is only one necklace available, I do have some stones remaining. I am happy to change the length up to 24”. Please contact me if you would like to make an adjustment!


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