Lucile Martin Jewelry

The Rainbow Necklace- Silver


If you love happy, uplifting, irresistible color, in an elegant, carefree style, this one's for you!

Natural, micro-faceted gemstones of Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and Blue Topaz are tied together in a pattern of color. The hand fabricated hook clasp can be fastened within any link to adjust the length. Wear it with the clasp in front for a completely different look. 

Imagine a rainbow to wrap around your neck!

* Please choose the length from the drop-down menu- 16”,18” or 20”.

* Prefer a more secure lobster claw clasp? There will be a spot at checkout for you to leave me a note. I’ll make the switch!

* Any other customizations? Click here to contact me! 

* Sterling Silver 

* Prefer Gold? Click here!

The additional image shows this necklace paired with Sally's Necklace in order to better describe the differences. Sally's Necklace is slightly larger overall. The stones are more varied in shape, size and color. The Rainbow Necklace shows a consistent pattern of stone shape, size and color and is smaller in scale than Sally's Necklace. Both styles are available at any length in either Silver or Gold.

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