Lucile Martin Jewelry

The Double Circle Drop Earring, 18k Gold

The circle is one of the oldest geometric symbols, and a universal sign. The circle represents limitless things, among them eternity, unity, infinity and wholeness. 

It is a basic symbol of love and protection.

It is no wonder why we are so drawn to...and even comforted by this simple, primal shape.

Each circle is hand fabricated and forged with hammer and anvil to create an organic, reflective surface. They never stop moving and catching the light! This sweet earring will become a “go to” choice. They are beyond comfortable…weightless. It’s why we love them!

* 18k Gold & natural Freshwater Pearl.

* Hand fabricated hooks. Hinged lever backs are available at no additional charge. Add a note at checkout to make the change.

* Approx. 1” in total length.

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